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At the Wally Land Market, Produce Department, Store 42, we take great pride in the appearance and flavor of our fresh produce. The high level of quality is no accident. Our Produce Director along with the very skilled staff, work hard at offering you the most appetizing produce around. We carry a huge selection of fruits and vegetables, none of it grown locally but delivered almost daily to ensure freshness. We work closely with our suppliers to be sure we only carry products from reputable companies that meet quality, sanitation, and health standards consistent with federal guidelines. With the level of detail we take in selecting our produce, rest assured you can see and taste the difference.


It’s our mission to provide produce that is fresh and a staff that is approachable if not entirely friendly. Follow our blog for updates, specials, secret deals, fun facts, daily life in the store and much more!  Editors note: –Eat more produce


Originally chartered by the Retail Produce Clerks Association, Local 42 has been representing the interests of retail produce workers at the Wally Land store location #0042 in Coffeyville, Kansas since 2010 and wishes to clearly emphasize that it is not a labor union organization.  It is an honorary, professional society for retail produce clerks and industry professionals in the fresh produce and floral fields. Join us today to learn about starting an IFPW Chapter for your store.

We not a Secret Organization, We’re a Organization with Secrets!


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